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General Knowledge

By: Alexander Chou and Aidan Blair
Question you might ask such as.....

Where is the Aztec tribe located?

The Aztec tribe is located in Mexico. The Aztecs live in a swampy habitat. The capital city is Tenochtitlán. This picture below is Tenochtitlán in Lake Texcoco.
external image 600.map_tenochtitlan.jpg

Who is Hernán Cortés?

Hernán Cortés was a smart Spanish leader who is on a mission to take over to Aztecs. He made allies to a nearby city who was Aztecs

external image mexhernancortes.JPG

enemy and was called the Tlaxcalans. They fought together and attacked Tenochtitlán. Even though they didn't make it the first time, they trained even more soldiers and at last destroyed Tenochtitlán.

What happened to Tenochtitlán after the Spanish took over?

external image 800px-Flag_of_New_Spain.svg.png

After when the Spanish took over, they renamed parts of South America, the US and Central America to New Spain. they renamed the flag and changed it.
Down below, this is how much the Spanish took over and this is the flag.
How much took over↓ The flag of New Spain→
external image new_spain_viceroyalty.jpg

The Aztec Time line

1100-1300 C.E.-- This was the time when Aztecs were looking for a good place to settle.

1325 C.E. The Aztecs found the city Tenochtitlan.

1424 C.E.--The Aztec Empire starts to grow by conquering neighbors.

1481 C.E.-- The Aztecs made their own calender.

1487 C.E.-- The Great Temple in Tenochtitlán is constructed.

1519 C.E.--Hernán Cortés attacks Tenochtitlán

1520-1525 C.E.-- Hernán Cortés attacks the Aztecs and the Aztec empire quickly collapsed.

Did You Know That?????

The Aztecs worshiped over 800 different gods!

They spoke in a language called Nahuatl!

The original form of Aztec is Mexica!

Most holidays or special celebrations are sacrificing!

Did you know it took 200 years to find the city Tenochtitlán?

Now You Know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aztec dance

An Aztec Dance is an art, celebration, exercise and a show. The Aztec Dances represent nature that they used to worship which is the rain, the fire, the sun and


the moon. The dancers wore elegant headdresses made out of feathers of pheasants, peacocks, roosters, ostriches and turkey. These materials represents greatness and pride.

Aztec Crown

The Aztec ruler was also know as the "Great speaker." He rarely went to town but if he did, he would be carried on a throne while four strong men is carrying the throne. The throne was also known as the "canopied throne." He wore the finest clothes along with jewels, sandals covered with gold, and also a brightly colored feather headdress.

These are some celebrations the Aztecs did before:


  • Translation of Atlcualo=The Stopping of Water
  • February 13th to March 4th

  • During the celebration of Atlcualo, Aztecs would decorate poles with banners and bring then to temples. In the celebration, children were sacrificed to the god Tlaloc. This was usually done on many mountains were rain and clouds were form. At this time of the year for us is February but for Aztecs, It was like the beginning of their year.


  • Translation of Tlacazipehualizli= The flaying of Men
  • March 5th to March 24th
  • Tlacaxipeualiztli.jpg
The celebration of Tlacaxipehualizt was a springtime festival in honer to Xipe Totec. Xipe Totec is the god of Spring and new vegetation. In this celebration, a prisoner would be tied up to a very heavy stone and a warrior armed with real weapons
would be sent to fight him. Usually, the prisoner died in the fighting. However, if he proved himself by killing four warriors, he would be given the option of either being freed for proving himself he was a great warrior, or being sacrificed the traditional way in the temple. Those who died in temple and got sacrifices to Xipe Totec, and also had their skin rip ped off. After that, their skins would be worn by the priests for clothing. The clothing symbolizes new plant growth.

  • Translation of Tlaxochimaco= The Birth Of Flowers
  • July 23rd to August 11th
  • In the first two days of this celebration, Aztecs would travel outside to pick wild flowers. After picking the flo236_04_2.jpgwers, they were offered to the gods and ancestors. Men and women would also dance while holding hands and singing. During this month, a special sacrifice was offered to god Huitzilopitchli.

  • Translation of Oinchipaiztli= The Month Of Sweeping
  • September 1st to September 20th
  • In this celebration, this was the time when Aztecs started to sweep. Not just sweep, but the Aztec swept every building in sight such as temples, houses and many more. they swept the whole entire city! It was like a cleaning time for the Aztecs. This was also the time when corn was finally harvested. In order to honer the grandmother goddess Toci, a woman past the age of childbirth would be chosen. She would be sacrificed to honer Toci. After her sacrifice, her skin would be decorated by a high priest.
external image Sah_xiu11_Ochpaniztli.jpg


  • Translation of Nemontemi= Days Of The Dead
  • February 8th to February 12th
  • The Nemontemi is the time of year's death. During this time is when the year is almost dead. the Aztecs thought that it was considered
external image calendarioazteca.jpg
an unlucky and dangerous time. Talking was in a whisper. There was no fire going and no king took place so Aztecs had to save food for this celebration. Food was only eaten once a day because Aztecs believed that a spirit will give them bad luck.

Here are the rest of the celebrations Aztecs used to do:

  1. Tocoztontli
  2. Uey Tocoztli
  3. Toxcatl
  4. Etzalqualiztli
  5. Uey Tecuilhuitl
  6. Xocotlhuetzi
  7. Teotleco
  8. Tepeilhuitl
  9. Quecholli
  10. Panquetzaliztli
  11. Atemoztli
  12. Titítl
  13. Izcalli

Mini Glossary

definition: A kind of Aztec celebration.

definition: A kind of Aztec celebration.

definition: A kind of Aztec celebration.

definition: A kind of Aztec celebration.

definition: A kind of Aztec celebration.

Hernán Cortés
definition: The Spanish leader who took over the Aztec tribe and land.

definition: This tribe were enemies to Aztecs and made alliance to the Spaniards.

definition: Aztec tribes capital city.

Lake Texcoco.
definition: Tenochtitlan was made in these swampy areas.

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