Food and Cooking

By Rachel and Lisa

These are the questions you might ask about the Aztecs:external image 11.36.58maizsweet.jpg

Q. What are the Aztecs' main dishes?
A. Some of the main dishes were tlaxcalli (tortilla), tamales (which is a maize husk with a meat filling), and gruel.

Q.What did they use to cook?
A. They used a cooking stove called comalli. Comalli is made of wood, stones, and clay.
Q. What did they grow and hunt? Where? Who?
A. The Aztecs grew and ate maize, which is a type of a corn, tomatoes, onions, fruits, avocados, beans, peanuts, squash, and peppers. Maize and tomatoes were the most important crops for the Aztecs.
Aztec farmers farmed in the swamps or marshes or Lake Texcoco. And because they farmed in Lake Texcoco, the Aztecs also ate some of the creatures from Lake Texcoco: snails, fish, turtles, and frogs.
Only the nobles were allowed to hunt, and most of the Aztec people spent their life time farming.
The hunters hunted for ducks, turkey, geese, rabbit, dogs, iguana, and deers.
Even insects were harvested. The Aztecs harvested and ate worms and grasshoppers.

Q. What did they drink?
A. Aztecs drank an alcohol called pulque. Pulque is made from maguey, which is a plant that is used for food. They also drank octil, which is made of maguey, too. But octil was reserved strictly for nobles. Most of the Aztecs drank the fermented juice which comes from a century plant.
Rich people drank chocolates.
external image tomato_pd.jpg
Q. What kind of food did they eat?
A. The Aztecs ate rich and spicy food.

Q. How many meals were eaten in a day? When?
A. The Aztecs ate twice a day and the main meal was eaten during the hottest part of the day.

Q. What did the Aztecs use to farm with?
A. They used a digging stick made of wood. It has a pointy end. And the digging stick was used as a hoe.

Q. What did they used to store food?
A. The Aztecs used a clay pot to use store food. The clay pot is made of clay and it has a little design on it.

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