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Aztec clothing was often made of beautiful fabric, though the amount of the quality of the cloth was generally dependent on the wealth of the wearer. With the art of the clothes making an important craft of the Ancient Aztecs, however, it is no wonder the Aztecs clothes had bright colors and complex designs. The ancestors of the Aztecs first settled on the marshy island in lake Texcoco. The Aztecs believed that horses were god's once the Spanish came. The Aztecs were the ones who decided to use hay, mud. sticks and rocks for shelter.
QUESTION:5jc ยป Aztec living

Where did the Aztecs come from?
Why did some people have complex designs and others don't?

So they can tell who is rich or poor
What are those things they wore on there head?

Head dresses
Why did they think houses were gods?
They had 4 legs and some were bigger than them


The Aztecs believed in many sacrifices to people. Every year they would have 7300 sacrifices meaning 20 sacrifices a day this would reduce allot of there population thats one of the reasons there civilization lasted for only 900 years. The Aztecs did sacrifices to repay their gods such as the fire god or other wise known as
Huehueteotl . here is how the story goes. according to the Aztec religion it took the Aztec gods 5 times to create the earth the reason for this is because they were always fighting. Tezcatlipoca who was the first earth creator destroyed the earth and turned into a jaguar because he was kicked out of his great position within the gods. If the world had to be created they would need a god to be a sun so all the gods got together and decided who would be the sun. Nanuatuh who was a very humble god was first to volunteer and became the sun but there was one problem the earth wasn't moving. All the gods came to a conclusion and that was they all had to sacrifice themselves to keep the people alive the great god Ehcatle sacrificed them to the sun. however the sacrifice was not free the Aztec people were required to sacrifice themselves to keep the week sun moving every day.
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They would do the sacrifice at the top of a pyramid like building.
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next they would let the skin and insides biodegrade and make use of the bones like this mask
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. They made out of a skull.
the human sacrifice started with the Aztecs but during the Inca empire it spread.

Particularly thirsty for blood was the war god, Huitzilopochtli. On the other hand, Quetzalcoatl was a kinder, gentler god. Quetzalcoatl only demanded the sacrifice of animals such as snakes and butterflies.

The people that were sacrificed were prisoners but if there were no more prisoners to be sacrificed they would take some of the poorest people around.

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