5JC Global Native Museum

Welcome one and all to the 5JC Museum.
Our main rule in the coming weeks is don't delete!. Lets use this space to build ideas and information. Close to the end of this project we will move towards launching a Global Native Wiki that will be used for years to come.external image P25637B.jpg
First we need to decide on a color for our Wiki and a photo or image for our top left corner....surely we can come up with something way better!

The Groups

The groups are set, and so it begins......While the groups have been set, no tribe has been delegated. As a group, you will need to decide which tribe you would like to represent. Think of the information you would like to contribute to. A class discussion on who wants which tribe will follow.

Group 1

Melisa, Victor, Stephanie, Tommio, Victoria, Sophie

Group 2

Lisa, Sarah B. Ishaan, Alex, Aidan, Rachel

Group 3

Marie, Braedon, Sara Z. Trinidad, Avery, Vicky




Tribal living



Tribal living

History, famous people, important events




Tribal living

The Calendar

Useful Websites/ Resources

Some of the most useful websites and search engines for you are supplied by SAS. Simply open to access Destiny, EBSCO, SIRS, Brainpop, usernames and passwords. Go for it!!!!

To get a feel for an online Museum.......

Use the following resources as a start on our Global Native Project.
Colonial Williamsburg

Lewis and Clarke exhibition

American Museum of Natural History

Art Institute of Chicago


Annotated Bibliography examples

Try using Easybib to organize your resources and......
Ms Boyer has developed some examples of how your resources page should be set out.

Use the following four to guide you

  • Williams, Suzanne Morgan. Chinook Indians. Chicago, Illinois: Heinemann Library, 2003. This book is very useful in providing information about the lifestyle and culture of the Chinook. There are many examples(pictures) of possible cultural artifacts about this tribe that show their cultural identity.

  • "Chinook Indian Tribe:Chinook Nation." Chinook Indian Tribal Council. 1999-2005. http://www.chinooknation.org 17 Nov 2008.This website is the official site of the Chinook Nation today. There is a student history download on the bottom left corner of the page that has some history and some diagrams. The download was very wordy, but the diagrams looked different from the book information. The other parts to the website were not useful.

  • Gould, Richard A. "Chinook." Encyclopedia Americana. 2008. Grolier Online. 17 Nov. 2008 http://ea.grolier.com/cgi-bin/article?assetid=0091640-00. Information has a few more facts than the previous site, but clicking on the web links brings up another annotated list of sources. Great!

Essential questions

How do people define their culture?

How do people keep their cultural identity?