by Vicky and Sara

Virden de la Candelaria" is a celebration by the Incas on the 8 to 14 of February. They celebrated it every year. They dance and wear those hats. Everyone else will sit down and watches. The Sun celebration is most important celebration. It is like the Inca's Birthday too. The Incas sat together and listen to the gods and their idea about gods. They will have a show and it always about the sun, moon, star, thunder, Huanacauri and the Earth. The people sat all together and then sing and dance. They told stories about the sun. One story was that there was once a man standing on a platform and praying to the sun saying please let us have much food and let us be rich. And 3 days past. Then a big rain came. After the rain was over the crops grew fast and they had alot food, the food was sold and the Incas had money. Just as what the man said. That is why the Inca people believe in the sun. Because a man who had believed the sun once said to the sun that I want the Incas to be rich and have food. That's why the Incas believe in the sun.

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When somebody dies in the Incan tribe, the Incas will buy gold and sliver toys(model) for the person. The Incas would bury the toys and hope them have a good time in the other world. When the empire dies,he will have the best toy,and people buried them with the king. People also gave food and drink to the dead Incas. After they die,their family will give them food and drink each years. The most important thing was buried was gold and sliver toys.This is the most important rule too.

Inti Raymi Celebration
Inti Raymi Celebration


The Incas ceremony is a celebration of their gods. The Incas will sit all together and sing, dance for there gods. (sun, moon, earth and thunder) They would tell each other the stories about the men who said " I want all the Incas to be rich" and other stories. The Incas try their best to tell all there close people about the stories because they wanted all the Incas to believe in the sun, moon, earth and thunder.

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