Tribal living, clothing and shelter

by Trinidad and Marie

The people of the Machu Picchu wore a lot of blue although in fact, they wore a lot of different colors. The workers would wear a blue gown and a red head band. A family would make their own supplies; they wouldn't go outside and just buy it. A village would be divided in to parts, the people that were very religious would live in one section along with most of the religious buildings, and the other people that weren't as religious would live among the workers in another part of the village.


The men wore tunics that came just above the knees, over this they wore a loose cloak. On their feet they would wear grass shoes or leather sandals. The women dressed in skirts that came down to the ankle and usually had a waistband. They wore a hat like thing on their head and in their hair they pinned a piece of cloth. In the mountains all the clothes were made of wool. In the places close to the sea, cooler fabrics were used. Most of their clothes were quite simple but the people that were VERY good at weaving wove clothes that had many different colors and designs.

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Most families lived in the farmlands or in small villages; they rarely ever lived in the city as they only went there for work or for festivals. There was no furniture in their houses, the family would instead sleep on mats and would squat on the floor. The main meal of the day would be in the evening. It was usually stew, maize, beans, and vegetables. Maize cobs were roasted on special occasions, and the meat of guinea pigs was special also. Some Incan families had their own mini guinea pig farms in their own house!

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Everyone in the family worked hard, they helped in the fields and with the many other things that had to be done. The mother would make clothes for the family out of alpaca wool which she and her daughters would spin. The men would braid grass into slippers or cut out llama hide to make strong sandals. The women also made baskets. Most their supplies were made by the family.
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The Incas thought that by sacrificing children their God would take care of them. They would choose the perfect child and dressed him or her with nice clothes and jewelry. They would go up really tall mountains to lay a child on the top of the mountain, leave them to fall a sleep and in the same time freeze to death. They would sacrifice a child every time people had no food or after important events like when an emperor dies. The mother of the child would try her best to not tell their child about the sacrifice when they were young. The children that were sacrificed to the Gods knew that it would help their people.
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The houses were made of rough blocks of stone; the rocks are fit so perfectly together that no one can even put a knife in between them! The houses were many times built up against the slope of mountain. The houses had thatched grass roofs. No one would ever steal as they seemed to have whatever they needed and simply had an opening as a door. At night, they would put hide over they door so the wind would not come in.
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