Table of Contents


Avery, Braedon, Trinidad, Marie, Sara, and Vicky are studying about the Incas.

Avery and Braedon are studying Food and Cooking.
Trinidad and Marie are studying Tribal living, Shelter, and Clothing.
Sara and Vicky are studying Customs, Celebrations, Ceremonies

Food and Cooking questions:

Q: What did they mainly eat?
A: The Incas mainly ate potatoes.

Q: How did they cook their food?
A: For soup, they put rocks over fire to make them really hot. They then would put the stones in the soup to make the soup warm.

Tribal living, shelter, and clothing questions:

Q: What did they live in?
A: They lived in rock houses with thatched grass roofs.

Q: What did they wear?
A: The women wore dresses, the men wore tunics with a loose cloak over it.

Customs, Celebrations, and Ceremonies questions:

Q: What did they celebrate?
A: Sun, moon, thunder, and Earth. (the most important one is Sun because a man went to the sun and prayed for the Incas to have food and money. The next day it rained and the crops grew, they sold some of the crops and grew rich.

Q: What Gods did they believe in?
A: Sun, Moon, Thunder, and Earth are also the Gods.

Q: What do the Incas do when they Celebrate?
A: Sing, Dance, and tell Stories.