Food and cooking

By: Tommio and Victor

The central ingredients of the Maya culture are corn, beans, and squash. This basic diet has remained for centuries. Of the central diet, corn was perhaps the most important food and source of nutrients.First, they dried the kernels and removed them from the cob. After that, the Mayans soaked kernels in a solution of water and lime, thereby removing the casings from each kernel. while they do that, the Maya exposed the amino acids found in corn, and also a number of other nutrients. The corn would then be ground up and used to make tortillas, somewhat like a flat, dry pancake.

This is how Mayans made Tortillas.
external image tortilla.jpg
Here is a video of a women making tortilla bread. Hope you enjoy it!

- Most of the Mayan people were farmers.
-Other things that they grew were beans, squash, avocado pear, avocado, sweet potato, guava, chili peppers, cocoa beans, vanilla beans, papaya and tomatoes.
-They would also eat fruits from trees.
-The Mayans used a farming technique called milpa, also known as slash and burn.
-The main part of the Mayans diet was corn or maize. The woman would grind the corn into flour and then make a paste. Then they baked it into a tortilla, similar to a taco shell.
-The Mayan family all lived together.
-The men farmed and hunted.
-The women would cook and weave.
-The children helped out their mothers with the chores and only went to school if they came from a noble family.
The Mayans did this everyday to live and have a good health.

external image Guava-lg.jpg

This is called a Guava. Mayans ate many of these fruits.

Timeline of Food: Here is a time line of the food the Mayas ate and when they added ingredients to their food:

Before 17,000 BC: The Mayas had salt, seafood, eggs and mushrooms, insects, and rice to prepare food with.

17,000 and 16,000 BC: The Mayas found two types of grain: Emmer grain and Einkorn grain.

10,000 through 7,000 BC: The Mayas found almonds, wheat, apples and lentils,beans, walnuts, and pistachios, bread, beer, and soup. They also took their time and hunted for pork and mutton.

6,500 through 3,000: The Mayas got a lot of natural resources to help them cook, like onions and garlic for flavouring, butter and vegetable oil to make the food be smooth and not dry, fruit for vitamins, etc.

external image ChocolateDrink.JPG

This is a Mexican Hot Chocolate.

These are the ingredians for this drink:
1/2 lb semisweet cooking chocolate
4 cups milk
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 drops vanilla
1. Break the chocolate into small pieces. Put the pieces in the top of a double boiler or into the heatproof bowl.
2. Fill the bottom of the double boiler or a large saucepan with cold water. Then bring the water to a boil. Turn the heat down so that the water continues to boil gently.
3. Put the container with the chocolate over the one with the boiling water. With a wooden spoon, stir the chocolate until it has melted.
4. Measure out the milk and pour it into another saucepan. Heat the milk gently but do not let it boil. Pour the melted chocolate into the hot milk.
5. Add the cinnamon and the vanilla to the mixture and brin the mixture to a boil.
6. Turn the heat down and whisk the mixture for 2 minutes until it is foaming.
7. Pour the chocolate into mugs and use the small whisk to whisk the chocolate again, so that there is foam on the top of each mug.

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